Live-Streamed Seminar: Agroecology Transitions-Transformations for A more Just and Sustainable Food System

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What is needed to make the transition transformation for more sustainable and just food systems? In this Seminar, the AgroecologyNow! group at CAWR will present a framework they have developed for understanding and enabling agroecology transitions-transformations. This material is being developed into a book that will be published in the coming year.

This workshop was held on March 7th, 2019. 11am to 1pm (GMT). It was live streamed at:

The video was filmed and is available here.

We will discuss the enabling and disabling factors that can help agroecology gain geographical and institutional uptake, while adhering to its underlying principles, elements and values. We will draw from existing examples of successful agroecological transitions to better understand how they can be achieved. The seminar will also share an update on the ongoing program of work underway by the AgroecologyNow! group.

Agroecology Now! is a research, action and communications program convened by the Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience that focuses on understanding and supporting the societal transformations necessary to enable agroecology as a model for sustainable and just food systems. It is based on the commitment to co-producing and mobilising knowledge with civil society organisations, intergovernmental bodies, policy-makers, researchers and food producers to advance societal transformations for agroecology. Our work especially stresses the importance of People’s Knowledge in societal transformation and using participatory, transdisciplinary and action-oriented approaches to research. Visit us at to download publications, follow our events, watch videos and to learn more.

This seminar is based on work carried out by: Colin Anderson, Jahi Chappell, Michel Pimbert and Csilla Kiss from CAWR and Janneke Bruil and Jessica Milgroom from Cultivate!