This page will aggregate outcomes from the Oxford Real Farming Conferences session titled, “In the Belly of the Beast: Organising for Food Sovereignty in the US and Beyond.”

Speakers: Saulo Araujo; Deirdre (Dee) Woods; Gisèle Yasmeen
Chair: Colin Ray Anderson

It will include any links and outcomes mentioned by panelists. We will also add here a harvest of the different ideas, key take-aways, comments from audience-participants below.

US Food Sovereignty Alliance

Website and Facebook
History Document
IPC Website – International Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty – a landmark event see the major outputs, the Declaration and Synthesis report

Click here for slides from Saulo’s presentation.

UK Food Sovereignty Movement

People’s Food Policy
Land in our Names (Reconnecting Black Communities with Land in Britain)
Granville Community Kitchen

Canadian Food Sovereignty Movement

Food Secure Canada Website
National Gathering Website

Hosts of Session

Landworkers AllianceFacebook
AgroecologyNow at the Centre for Agroecology, Water and ResilienceFacebookTwitter