This draft curated reading list will present a section of articles, links, videos and other resources that help us to better understand issue of power and governance in relation to innovation in agriculture and food. See this example of a curated resource list. A brief (3 paragraph) introduction will be followed by a selection of materials under the following headings, and possibly others:






We will also include a longer list of articles at the bottom that may not be included in the shorter “curated” list but that have been sent to us and that we consider relevant for this list. Please feel free to email your reference to following this format (i.e. note the styling, be sure to include hyperlinked text):

ETC Group. 2018. Forcing the Farm: How Gene Drive Organisms Could Entrench Industrial Agriculture and Threaten Food Sovereignty.

Pimbert, M. and C. R. Anderson. 2018. The battle for the future of farming: what you need to know. The Conversation. Nov. 21, 2018.