This page aggregates materials and outcomes from the workshop on January 7th at the ORFC titled, “Financing Agroecology: From Tweaking to Transformation…!” led by Nina Moeller and Colin Anderson from CAWR. Follow this page to find more general information about our research and the wider body of research on “financing Agroecology“.

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Follow Up: Slides and Participant Take-aways from the Meeting

Video of Session


Nina’s presentation focused on the research analyzing the quantity of funding flows to agroecology, showcasing how little funding actually goes toagroecology.

Colin’s presentation focused on their research on the quality, methodologies, approaches and issues for the actual delivery of funding for transformative agroecology. Slides here.

Comments and “take aways” from Participants

We asked participants to discuss our ideas in break-out groups and then to share their ideas through an online platform called Mentimeter.

We first asked participants to share their ideas, thoughts, questions from their breakout group discussions. Here are the responses.

We then asked them to respond to the question: What is to be done? Next steps, action plans, long term strategies. Here are the responses to this question.