La Via Campesina, Agroecology and COP21

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Recent COP21 talks in Paris might have been a disaster for agroecology. But they were also an opportunity for international activist groups like La Via Campesina to come together and network, share and build the social movements that will change the world.

Over 200 members of La Via Campesina, from every continent, met at La Confédération Paysanne Headquarters for a week of meetings, discussions, demonstrations, organising and representing.

It was clear, through the conversations, chanting and electric atmosphere that the true power to reclaim our world from climate disaster lies in the hands of the people.

“We are the main victims of climate change—victims of an unjust system that is cruel, patriarchal and unsupportive. We will not let people wearing suits and ties to decide on our lives and the fate of the earth. Nature can live without us, but we will not survive without nature.”
The People’s Climate Summit, a Global Village of Alternatives in Food and Agriculture held at Montreuil.

Despite multiple attempts to silence us these past few weeks, the social movements have made their voices heard today,” said Antolin Huascar, a peasant leader from Peru. “The future of the planet is in the hands of the people,” he added.
La Via Campesina on COP21: The Curtain Falls on  masquerade.


‘The industrial food system’s failed us in every way,’ says Adam Payne of the Land Worker’s Alliance. ‘It’s brought more hunger, more obesity, land grabs forcing small farmers off the land, forcing us to compete in markets dominated by free trade agreements, and all while producing 50 per cent of global emissions.
Marienna Pope-Weidemann of New Internationalist explores Food Sovereignty and Peasant Agriculture as the direction following Paris.

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