Just Transitions at the US Food Sovereignty Alliance

In News by Anderson Colin

Action in support of Migrant Rights at USFSA meeting in Bellingham. Photo: David Meek

I recently participated in the US Food Sovereignty Alliance gathering in Bellingham, Washington where the idea of Just Transitions was being debated with lots of amazing examples of grassroots organizing within this framework.

Group meets at US Food Sovereignty Alliance gathering to discuss strategy for advancing food sovereignty in the Western Region.

Tyler Short wrote a series of blog posts which provide a nice picture of what Just Transitions look like – both generally and through case studies of the two winners of this years food sovereignty prize. Check them out!

Part one (overview of Just Transition and CJA)
Check out this blog at US Food Sovereignty Alliance by Tyler Short, who writes about the organizations and individuals in the food sovereignty movement that are uniting to collectively build “justice-centered shifts away from extractive economies to localized, regenerative modes of production and distribution.

Part two (Black Mesa Water Coalition)
“What does a Just Transition, food sovereignty, and energy democracy look like in practice? The newest blog from US Food Sovereignty Alliance highlights how frontline communities and organizations like Black-Mesa Water-Coalition are showing us! ”

Part three (Boricua) 

March and action for Migrant Rights at USFSA meeting in Bellingham

“In the third and final part of this blog series, Tyler Short of Sustainable Agriculture of Louisville describes the Food Sovereignty Brigades mobilized by Organización Boricuá – the international recipient of the 2018 Food Sovereignty Prize – after Hurricane Maria last year. In addition to highlighting the solidarity extended to Boricuá for Just Recovery efforts, this blog post analyzes the organization’s work by revisiting the six meta-strategies that members of Climate Justice Alliance strive to implement toward achieving a Just Transition.”

Featured image by David Meek.

Click here to read a reflection on the 2018 USFSA meeting.